Ross Alan - Blue Skies (Official Video) - April 2023
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We made a music video! The one and only Ross Alan let us make the video for their heavenly song Blue Skies.

Director: Kirsi Myntti
Make-Up Artist: Jared Hampton
Key Assistant: Rachel Martin

Feast (Nov 22 - April 23)
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The newsletter that ripped my heart out and served it up on platter with a side of grits.
by Kirsi Myntti

Poppea Interview (Sept 2021)
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Join us in conversation with the fabulous directors of the new film Poppea. We sit down with Karina Parker and Christina Swanson to talk about the history of the opera, the decisions made while creating a filmed version, and the importance of community, among other things.
Video shot and edited by Taku Uyeda, with clips from the film.


Hannah Montana Rewatch pt. 2 (Feb 2021)
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Compound Kids (Oct 2020)

Directed and styled by Kirsi Myntti
Photography by Efthimi Matsamakis
Models: Devan Chee A Tow, Kirsi Myntti
Prod Assistant: Catie DeWitt

In the Roppongi district of Tokyo, there is an American Embassy compound, fit with a pool, tennis courts, and Marines down the hill. The kids who roam the streets of the gated community gather on the main drag to bully and protect each other. When I was twelve, we all went to different schools or different grades, but after three fifteen pm we'd somehow always end up at the FamilyMart down the street. The Japanese guards never once asked our names, but we always nodded and waved. Outside of the gates, on the way to the 7am Saturday hockey bus, I’d step over business men lying face down in vomit from the night before.

Asleep, my love? What, dead, my dove?

Their suits completely ruined.

During quarantine, I had the specific combination of very little spending money with an excessive amount of time and feelings, somewhat like my middle school self. This first drop is in honor of that time, that feeling of freedom and boredom that plagues youth. The feeling we miss once it’s gone and have places to be, money to make, and other people to care for.


12 Ways to Say Fuck You (Spring 2019)
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Kirsi Myntti

What began as a one woman show, 12 Ways was written and performed by Kirsi Myntti @ WIPFest in Detroit, Michigan - September 2018. It was revived at the Fringe Festival Detroit, performed by Carolyn Alam three months later. This short film version premiered on May 31st, 2019 on the infamous site Youtube.

Big hugs and thanks to all the extremely talented people who helped with this project, LOOK THEM UP!

Director of Photography: Gabby Baginski

Starring (in order of appearance):
Christina Swanson
Bonnie Drinkard
McKenna Voss
Nathan Hall
Thomas McCarter
Inney Prakash
Kayla Rodriguez
Lukas Baginski
Levi Stroud
Alex Koi
Hannah Krus
Carolyn Alam
Heather Shomin

Featured music:
Eddie Logix - The Ohana Tape
The Regrettes - Hot
Jorja Smith - Teenage Fantasy

Thanks for watching!



Portrait practice with the lovely Rene Leech






In the film 20th Century Women, Greta Gerwig takes pictures of the things she owns as a self portrait practice. So as a fan: Yes, thank you Mike Mills, I will do that too.

For consistency, I waited til dark. I put up a black velvet fabric as the background. Then turned on all my lights and the spot. I used a warm light bulb, and a very low shutter speed. The results were kind of blurry because film cameras require so much light! But it came out feeling like a soft, sort of intimately focused stage. 


A 2006 Chris Brown Music Video.

A 17th century painting

Guess what’s in the box

I wasn’t really expecting all the drama that came out of these. But I guess black velvet is reliably a vibe. The photos individually all have a perspective, but seem thematically random when put together. So what’s the point? Something about finding your voice and power. They all have a certain sensuality, I suppose. 

Thanks for reading always, catch you on the flip side <3


What.                                                                    Photos from 2014/15 in Ann Arbor Michigan.